The Industry and Technology Museum was established in 1993 as a Branch of District Museum in Wałbrzych. In December 1999, the new branch received from the Wałbrzych commune 28 buildings (the majority of which were entered into the register of historic buildings) located in the area of the former Julia mine as well as 279 machines and devices not only from the Julia mine, but also from the remaining mines in Wałbrzych.

In 2009, an institution of culture was created there—“Stara Kopalnia” Multicultural Park, which includes the Archaeology Department and the Industry and Technology Museum, separated from the structures of the City Museum.

In 2010, the Wałbrzych commune received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as a part of the Infrastructure and Environment Operation Program for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage of supraregional importance. A project entitled “Revitalization and adaptation for cultural purposes of a former Julia Bituminous Coal Mine” (Rewitalizacja i adaptacja na cele kulturalne byłej KWK “Julia”) allowed to preserve the historical architectonic development, but also to adapt it to new functions and to start a long-term process of revitalization of the Wałbrzych Coal Basin. In November 2014, “Stara Kopalnia” Multicultural Park was opened after refurbishment works, providing access to an underground route, mechanical workshops, and an engine room of Julia and Sobótka shaft. Since then, the Industry and Technology Museum functioning in the structures of the institution has been successively expanding its museum exposition, offering new permanent and temporary exhibitions.