Wałbrzych was a place famous for its picturesque location and for mining. It was also a small centre of manufacturing products from china at the global scale. The beginnings of china production in Wałbrzych date back to ca. 1829. Three enormous factories of tableware china were located in the town: Krzysztof, Wałbrzych, and Książ (formerly Krzysztof II). Only one factory, Krzysztof, has continued its operations till today.

As a reference to one of the most important industry sector in Wałbrzych, Stara Kopalnia Mutlicultural Park includes a place where you can easily learn about the craft of ceramics. The storage room of the Unique Ceramics Centre stores over 1600 forms from no longer existing Wałbrzych China Factory. These forms include, among others, Maria Teresa, Fryderyka, Luna—the forms used, e.g., in workshops.